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Wild, Wild West: Dude Ranch Vacations

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Vacations and history usually only mix in Europe\’s galleries and palaces. However, there is one place that is often over-looked that combines both a getaway and a love of the nostalgic: dude ranch vacations. In few other places can one find a resort so peaceful and interesting–even for those who don\’t think the Wild West is their cup of tea.

They have several different types of ranches. Some that cater to the more historical \’what life was really like\’ aspect, some that cater to the outdoorsy, horse-riding, camping, adventure aspect, and some that cater to hunters.

Dude ranches have very specific target markets, so you may meet up with like-minded people. That said, you have a lot of choice over the exact type of dude ranch and a huge area from which to choose. Dude ranches span most of the United States and go up into Canada and down into Mexico. You can therefore enjoy one of these vacations at any time of the year in a wide span of prices.

These vacations are not mutually exclusive as an \’adult\’ vacation or a \’child\’ vacation. Everyone can enjoy them and they can be subtly geared toward the right age group. To ensure the best quality of ranch, go through the Dude Ranchers\’ Association, a group which speaks for the one hundred best ranches. They have many quality, safety, a legal regulations that must be filled and work closely with Federal groups.

There has been some debate regarding the hunting portion of some dude ranches, especially when non-native species are imported purely for the purpose of hunting. Booking a vacation through the Dude Ranchers\’ Association might help squash any qualms on that front, since the hunting at those ranches is done in accordance with the strictest of laws.

Though not known for their exciting nightlife, dude ranches are quaint and still provide much to do and a lot of structure if structure is wanted. They\’re like a more interesting bed and breakfast, and can be quite cheap. For under a thousand dollars, a family can take a week long vacation at a dude ranch, have excellent meals, and plenty to do. Few other vacations could offer such a deal!

Learn more about living the cowboy lifestyle at dude ranch vacation, especially at beautiful Montana Dude Ranches. It will be the vacation you always dreamed about!

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