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Transform The Focus Of Giving This Holiday Time Of Year And You Will Derive Pleasure From It

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Each year it was getting more and more difficult to think of a unique gift that would please everyone in the family and it was starting to wear on Eva Hartford. No matter how much effort she threw into shopping for individual gifts that were certain to be ones that the family would enjoy it appeared that for the most part her choices were not good ones and she would just feel discouraged that she had wasted so much time for an unappreciative family that consisted of her husband Ben and her children Matt and Lucy. Eva had decided that this year was going to be different and she called a family meeting to openly discuss ways in which her family could celebrate that would please everyone. She also determined that she was not going to be the person who would be responsible for all of the shopping, wrapping and subsequent returning of the chosen gifts. Much to her surprise, the conversation at this family meeting revealed that Ben, Matt and Lucy unanimously voiced the idea of spending time away as a family as the one and only gift they desired. It did not take much effort to determine that they would locate a place in Colorado for a weekend where they could indulge in telluride ski lessons since Matt and Lucy had never had any experience and also engage a telluride ski instructor for Eva and Ben so they could brush up on their skills because it had been so long since they had hit the slopes.

Not everyone can afford either the monetary resources or the time away for a family vacation at the holidays but there are many ways to vary the usual routine and give the family a much needed burst of yuletide cheer. Some of the best and easiest ways are:

Shop for underprivileged children: Homeless shelters fill up this time of the year with people who are out of work and down on their luck. Nothing hurts a parent quite as much as seeing their children do without especially during the Christmas holiday. When people adopt one of these needy families and provide even the most basic gifts, it can truly bring joy to both the family being helped and the family providing the gifts.

Anonymously pay for an elderly persons lunch: An enjoyable and out of the ordinary means to celebrate the holidays is to seek out someone in a restaurant that you would like to surprise by buying their lunch or dinner. Then just request their bill when you get yours and inform the hostess to explain to them that someone gifted them as a way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. They will be amazed that a stranger would treat them with such generosity!

Give to local food banks and charities: This is also the time of year when food bank are urgently required but their stock is diminished. It is a simple matter of buying an extra sack of groceries along with your own and donating it to a community food bank. And if money is short, consider keeping a jar in the kitchen to allow family members to drop their spare change into and donating that to a charity at the end of the year.

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