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Symptoms and Treatment of Hypothyroidism in Men 2012

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Hypothyroidism is also known as under-active thyroid; this happens when the thyroid gland, which is located in the neck, stops producing hormones. If this happens, there are several changes that your body will experience.

But this disorder is usually detected on women who are at their forties and fifties than men. This happens when a person does not eat enough foods rich in iodine, after an operation from the thyroid gland, and some other form of medications.

Symptoms of men with hypothyroidism:

You will detect that you have an under-active thyroid if you observe any of the following: uncontrollable and unexplained gaining of weight, low sex drive, decreased memory, low concentration, dry skin, hair-loss, slow body movement and slow reflex actions, feeling tired all the time, constipation, and muscle and joint pains.

Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism

Physical tests and history as well as blood testing are the best ways to determine if such person suffers the disorder. This is very important in order to know how to cure it.

In some instances during the early stages of the disorder, you will not observe any abnormalities on the levels of thyroid hormones. If so, the levels of the thyroid stimulating hormones should also be measured.

If hypothyroidism is diagnosed, you will notice that the blood levels of thyroid hormones are usually low. Thyroid hormone tests usually include total thyroxine, free thyroxine, and triiodothyronine. These tests are to determine the causes of the abnormalities and to know how a patient reacts to treatment.

How is it Treated

Treating this disorder will be a life-long therapy. You will notice other men that have been suffering it have also been taking medication for many years. Most experts choose to use synthetic levothyroxine as a treatment because it is considered to be much more stable.

You should administer the synthetic levothyroxine before you take any meal when you wake up. Also, once you have started taking it, you should be careful in taking other medications that may contain ingredients that hinder the absorption.

Also, there should be a constant observation performed by the doctor at six-week intervals until the patient will have a stable condition. Again, thyroid hormone tests should be conducted before adjusting the dose.

The patient and doctors ultimate goal in this treatment is to maintain the TSH within the normal limits.

It should be noted that excessive intake of levothyroxine is dangerous and may cause other issues that may include heart palpitations.

And everything you take must be under the advice of your doctor or other experts. You should not have any other medications as it may lead to more harm than good.

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