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Most Dangerous Martial Arts

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There are many different kinds of martial arts, and tons of age old debate about which ones are the most effective in real world situations. I’m going to list what are the three most dangerous and effective arts in the world that can be applied in real world hand-to-hand combat situations.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is absolutely the most dangerous of all martial arts. It’s relatively young, actually very young compared to styles like Karate. BJJ was popularized in the early UFC by Royce Gracie, after tapping out opponent after opponent with his submissions. After that BJJ exploded in popularity and is now regarded as the most dangerous art in the world. A smaller opponent who knows BJJ can easily defeat a much larger opponent.

Muay Thai

This style is very practical and is based on striking. Hard hitting and effective would be a good description of Muay Thai. This martial art isn’t supposed to be pretty to watch, you’re not going to see a bunch of twirling kicks and flips. It’s based on simple yet dangerous strikes that get the job done.

Muay Thai originated from Muay Boran (Ancient Boxing). This was a military style use to fight to death and kill attackers from other countries like Burma.


This art is involves grappling and getting in close (much like BJJ), but focuses mainly on getting your opponent to the ground by way of throws, then immobilizing them. Judo has very practical applications and is incorporated into the mixed martial arts world as well by skilled practitioners such as Karo “The Heat” Parisyan.

These three are not the only effective martial arts out there, deserving an honorable mention would be Karate and the other predominately striking styles like Tae Kwon Do. Each of them can be highly effective if used properly and with a high skill level.

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