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Google Adwords Quality Score Explained

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Google advertisers are familiar with what is known as the “Quality Score” and there is good reason for this.

Your quality score will directly effect the amount you are required to pay for each click to your site. The higher your quality score is, the lower your cost per click will be.

Furthermore, if you focus on obtaining a high quality score, not only will your campaigns be more affordable BUT you will receive the same exposure as you were when you were paying more per click!

The reason why Google implemented a quality score into their PPC marketplace was partly due to quality control.

They knew that by integrating a system in which advertisers were rated based on their campaigns performance, they would essentially cut back on bogus campaigns and irrelevant keywords and advertisements from being featured.

Since the quality score is based on your CTR (Click Through Rate), advertisers want their campaigns to convert into clicks as often as possible whenever they are featured throughout the PPC marketplace.

Besides, as a PPC marketer, even if the quality score didn’t exist you still want to ensure that those who are viewing your ads clearly understand what it is that you are offering, because since you are paying for each click to your site, there is no sense in yielding visitors who have little or no interest in your product.

This is why it’s important to focus on creating targeted campaigns that combine relevant keywords with solid ad-content, such as a compelling title, descriptive ad body, and a high converting landing page.

Every element of a PPC campaign is an important one that ties everything together.

If one aspect of your campaign is lacking, it can dramatically impact your results, which is why so many people experience failure when initially promoting through PPC marketplaces.

They throw their campaigns together, compile huge listings of irrelevant keywords, and create advertisements that attract freebie seekers rather than pre-selling prospects and targeting only potential buyers, not visitors.

Another thing to keep in mind when striving for a high quality score is that sites like Google retain information regarding your PPC marketing history.

This means that even if you pause or remove an ineffective campaign, it can directly affect your quality score so it’s very important to focus on creating effective campaigns right from the start.

On a final note, when you initially create campaigns within Google Adwords, you will be given an estimated CTR for each campaign.

This will occur whenever you assign a new keyword to your campaigns as well, and can you quickly determine whether a specific keyword phrase is likely to preform well or not.

While this is a general guideline and is not always accurate, it can help you eliminate keyword phrases that are not going to preform well.

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