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Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys

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Bahia Honda State Park has something very surprising for the Florida Keys. It\’s got a beach. And a unequivocally pleasing one as well. Add to it good camping sites and you\’ve got the recipe for a Florida Keys camping paradise. Let\’s find why.

Though the Florida Keys are islands in the sun, natural beaches are very well-developed indeed. Why? Largely given the bluish waters which approximate the Keys are so calm, the silt does not get an opportunity to build up. Bahia Honda has, no disbelief about it, the many pleasing beach in the Florida Keys, and substantially the best in the Sunshine State.

Swimming is a popular entertainment at Bahia Honda State Park. The bluish waters are warm, being in the top seventies to the low 80s scarcely all of the year. In addition, the waters are utterly clear. Though the beach faces out to the Atlantic, unless there\’s a charge out in the ocean, the waters are tranquil.

Along with swimming, snorkeling is a large pull to Bahia Honda State Park. The same peaceful, transparent bluish waters which entice swimming are glorious for exploring the undersea kingdom. Plus, if you\’d similar to to have a treat, take a snorkeling tour from Bahia Honda out to Looe Key and revisit the coral reef.

Kayaking, canoeing and boating are in addition on the list of fun things to do at the park. There\’s a small jetty and a ramp for boats. If you\’ve someway misplaced your boat, you can rent a boat from the park\’s benefaction stand. The relaxed waters are illusory for exploring the nooks and crannies of the key, utterly on the Gulf side.

Don\’t dont consider about Florida Keys camping. From tents to RVs to renting one of their strand cabins, all sorts of camping are accessible at Bahia Honda. Here\’s a caution: call forward to haven a camping spot or utterly one of the air-conditioned cabins. Because as you could imagine, a beach lodge in this Florida bliss has utterly a watchful list.

Bahia Honda State Park is located in the lower Florida Keys, a bit south and west of Seven Mile Bridge. One stop here and you will assimilate because they call the Florida Keys the American Caribbean. Or only call it Paradise.

So come on down and stay a spell. The continue poetic and the locals are friendly. And once you are here, you\’ll have to determine which it\’s bliss found at Bahia Honda State Park in the lower Florida Keys.

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